The international recognition of Peruvian cuisine has been consistently on the rise the past few years, Peruvian restaurants are popping up in all major cities around the world and the number of followers of our exquisite and varied food are constantly increasing, and Naples is no exemption. With the opening of Inca’s Kitchen, October 4th of 2008, the residents and thousands of visitors of this beautiful tourist spot in the south west coast of Florida get to enjoy the wonderful variety of Peruvian dishes in one of the most pleasant settings created by well known Chef Rafael Rottiers.
Rafael honed his skills and knowledge of Food and Beverage throughout his extensive career in some of the best, most prestigious Hotels in the country. He started his extensive and accomplished career, at a young age, at the Sheraton Newport Beach in California where he held different positions and worked his way up to Banquet Manager. He then transferred to the famous Bal Harbor Sheraton in Miami Beach as their Banquets Director and later as the Director of Food and Beverage for the Sonesta Hotel in Coconut Grove and the Hilton Hotel in Marco Island, before finally embarking in the pursuit of his long time dream of opening his own restaurant, integrating the exquisiteness of Peruvian cuisine with the highest standards of American restaurants.
It didn’t take long for the residents of this beautiful city, to spread the word after they experienced Rafael’s cuisine, service and presentation, and within a matter of months Inca’s Kitchen became one of the most successful restaurants in the Gulf. What started as a small and modest establishment eventually underwent a major expansion and renovation in order to accommodate the increasing demand for his cuisine and sophisticated ambiance.
The variety and impeccable execution and presentation of the dishes in Rafael’s menu have made his restaurant one of the best showcases for Peruvian cuisine abroad and Rafael’s talent and creativity continue to attract the most demanding palates in Naples and many other cities in Florida who don’t seem to mind a lengthy trip to enjoy the best that Peruvian Cuisine has to offer accompanied by an incredible selection of fine Wines and high quality beers from this Andean nation.
Peru is no longer recognized only for it’s archeological landmarks like Machu Pichu or it’s breathtaking Amazon rainforest, but also for it’s incredibly varied and exquisite food making it one of the best cuisine in the world.

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