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My family and I went to Inca's over the July 4 holiday when in Naples. We were on vacation from Washington DC. I did some research and discovered it as a recommendation so we went a bit on a whim... IT WAS EXCEPTIONAL. The service was outstanding and the food incredible. You walk from a parking lot and an uninteresting exterior into a place with beautiful decor and amazing food. We ate at "Fish" restaurant the night before and this was far, far better.
Date of Posting: 07 July 2015
Posted By: Van Y - Chevy Chase, MD
Very good, interesting flavors and reasonable pricing - the service was very good as well.
Date of Posting: 08 June 2015
Posted By: Mark R - Chinatown, Washington, DC
Quite possibly the best meal I've had in Naples in quite some time. Traditional and contemporary Peruvian fare. The ceviche options range from the varied to the experimental to the classic. The classic was fantastic (white fish only, with a great leche de Tigre).
Pisco Sours were solid - with peaks on the meringue. Well concocted.
I had the pulpo anticuchillado which was, without question, the best octopus dish I've ever had - served on Taku Taku with a spinach/vegetable mix on the side. Delicious.
Other dishes at the table were a grilled salmon, a BBQ roll tenderloin, and a sautéed sole.
This restaurant does a great job of showcasing Peruvian cuisine and I recommend it heartily. It'll be on my Naples itinerary each time I come - whether for only one day - or a week!
Date of Posting: 03 June 2015
Posted By: Daniel P - Tallahassee, FL
Food was excellent. I enjoyed the scampi stew. Service was also excellent. I highly recommend it.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2015
Posted By: Bill N - Naples, FL
Wow!!! We had a great experience — our first with Peruvian food. If this is what Peru is like, we want to go. ;)
Our server was one of the BEST servers we have ever had. We told him we hadn’t ever had Peruvian food, and he patiently explained everything. We immediately trusted him so much that we just asked him to choose our whole meal. He started us with a wonderful ceviche dish, then a fish dish, and then a steak dish to finish. We took it slow and had a fantastic time.
If we are ever in Naples again, we WILL go back!
Date of Posting: 10 March 2015
Posted By: Sara D. Battle Creek MI on Yelp
Much more than I expected. The entrance is low-key, but the interior is elegant and comfortable. The service was top-notch; quick, courteous, and competent. The food was served promptly and was exquisite. The prices were very reasonable. Even the Pisco sours were good. Note: if you don't like seafood you won't like this place (or Peruvian food in general). If you do, you can't do much better locally than Incas kitchen.
Date of Posting: 20 February 2015
Posted By: Dan D - Fort Myers, FL
This was my first time at Inca's new location.
The restaurant is beautifully decorated and feels like a hidden gem once you're inside, being that it's in your run of the mill Naples shopping plaza.
The service was great, not in your face or rushed, but friendly and very attentive.
We had the Ceviche mixto en rocoto apiscado, Tallarin verde con churrasco, a sushi roll with tempura shrimp and tenderloin, and Lúcuma soufflé for dessert. All were flavorful and delicious; favorites were the ceviche, pesto pasta, and dessert. The dessert was so good, we had to order another. Writing this is making me want the meal again, have to get back to Inca's soon!
Date of Posting: 14 February 2015
Posted By: Kathy G - Watertown, MA
Love Incas Kitchen and thrilled to find they have just opened this second location!!! (Thank you fellow Yelpers for your service!)
Food was every bit as decadent as the original Collier location. Their Peruvian cuisine is one of my most favorite discoveries in Naples. Every dish I have had has been so decadent, rich and flavorful ... And the plates are huge! Such a great value.
One negative is that since this location is so new, (30 or so days old), a lot of the server knowledge isn't quite there yet. It's so hard to decide what to get if you are new to Peruvian cuisine and don't know what anything tastes like, but I can certainly say with confidence that they don't send anything out of their kitchen doors that isn't absolutely delicious and beautifully plated. Highly recommend giving this place a shot!
Date of Posting: 05 January 2015
Posted By: Amanda S - Naples, FL
Inca's Kitchen opened recently in the Pavilion Shopping Center in North Naples, in a site formerly occupied by a long standing Chinese restaurant. It has been completely rebuilt. Decor is very upscale and that's just the start.
Our family descended on Inca just after Xmas and now are able to count it as one of our Xmas gifts. We were seven people and each of us raved about our dinner. The breadth of the menu pleased all tastes.
Fans of ceviche have a wonderful selection. Entrees, from the wok-prepared Lomo Saltado beef to the very large and tasty plates of swordfish and ahi were all well prepared and presented. The Peruvian version of bouillabaisse was loaded with a variety of fish and the broth was very tasty. Most important, nothing was left on any plate!
Our only complaint would be that we were not given a wine list and had to depend on the waitress to tell us what was on offer and cost. That said, the bottle of white wine she suggested was delicious.
We could barely squeeze out the door as we left as expectant diners massed for their turns.
Date of Posting: 28 December 2014
Posted By: Ronald D - Naples, FL

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